About the Internship in MMIB

The internship happens in accordance to the Bucharest University of Economic Studies regulations and the Romanian law.

The internship for master programmes lasts for 280 hours and takes place in the second semester of the second year of study.

You will need to fill in an Internship Agreement by the beginning of that semester (usually available in Romanian and English by October of the previous year). If you are employed at that date, you need to bring certificate proving your employment and your job description, as the skills obtained during the Internship need to match the competences provided by the master programme.

During the Internship, you need to provide two documents (layout is to be provided by the ViceDean in charge with Internships at the beginning of the semester), regardless on whether you are employed or not:

an Internship Journal
an Internship project

The topic may also be decided with your internship coordinator.

You may also apply for an international internship, funded through Erasmus+, for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months. The stipend is 650-700 Eur per month.

Details (including the formal request) may be found at international.ase.ro

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With diverse cohorts, we put together people in the first stages of their careers with middle managers, employees in multinationals corporations with public administration servants, start-up owners with bankers for synergistic knowledge building in a creative environment. Our students work in diverse fields, from innovation to finance, creative arts and IT.

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MMIB is the flagship Master Programme in the Faculty of International Business and Economics (REI), Bucharest, Romania.

Provided in Romanian since 2004, MMIB is available since 2013 in English in order to facilitate student mobility worldwide and to offer better competences for its graduates in an ever growing global business environment.

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The Master Programme in International Business Management provides a number of 19 courses during 4 semesters, to which it adds 240 hours of internship, to a total of 120 ECTS, in order to facilitate student mobility within the European Union. Semester 1 lasts from October to January. Semester 2 lasts from February to June


For the academic year 2024/2025 – the July heat of the admission process, there are a total of 75 places, as follows: 25 subsidized places for Romanian and other EU and SEE citizens, 18 fee-paying places for Romanian and other EU and SEE citizens. The rest of the places is for special cases (non-EU, minorities, etc.). For the number of places available for non-SEE students, please check with international@ase.ro.